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Michael Crabtree returns to practice, "going full speed"

Michael Crabtree talks for the first time
Michael Crabtree talks for the first time
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After only showing up on day one in training camp for the 49ers, Michael Crabtree made his full return since being injured. This was his first time participating in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills since day one of training camp.

The injury Crabtree had was a lower calf injury. The coaches told him when he would be ready to go soon after a week. He admitted that he doesn't know much about injuries. Crabtree ended up listening to the coaches orders by sitting out for seven days. He returned on Monday participating in limited individual route running drills.

When being asked about injuries, Crabtree said he isn't frustrated at all hearing about it. To him, it's part of the game because injuries happen all the time. He isn't worried about his own injuries and will move on from it.

"[Injuries] are part of football," said Crabtree. "You see somebody injured everyday. It's news and it's a physical game. I know how to deal with it. When [the team] says 'hut' I'm going full speed. If I'm one hundred percent, I'm going [to play]. I'm not worried about [injuries]. I'm just worried about what we're going to do in these games in practice. We're trying to get better today. That's all I'm going to do."

Crabtree returns working with two veteran wide receivers in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. He has liked learning from Moss and talking football with others. Crabtree sees the team doing well with him being absent.

"Every year is a year we get better," said Crabtree. "Getting in the endzone is a key for the wideouts, quarterbacks and running backs. That's what everybody is planning to do."

Crabtree said he understood that injuries are common in football and his string of injuries is part of the sport.

"It's always something in football," said Crabtree. "I'm sure everybody goes through stuff. It was just my calf and I had to stay off of it. I didn't want nothing serious to happen to it, you know?"

Crabtree has been impressed with A.J. Jenkins. He likes what his teammates are doing overall because everyone is working hard to succeed.

"Everyday I tell A.J. to get better," said Crabtree. "Everybody is looking good. Everyone is out there working."

He is ready to contribute and put everything behind. It's time for football for Crabtree after spending seven days off from training camp.

"I'm out here and healthy," said Crabtree. "I'll do whatever I need to do on the field, I'm just going to do it. I'm good enough to be running."

If Crabtree is ready to go against the Minnesota Vikings on Friday, this will be the first preseason game he's ever played.

When he was a rookie, he had a contract holdout. During his second season there was an injury during the first week which sidelined him for training camp. For last season, Crabtree ended up having surgery on his foot after fracturing it before training camp.


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