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Michael Christian Martinez is Philippines first Olympic figure skater (photos)

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Michael Christian Martinez is the first athlete to represent the Philippines in Olympic figure skating. The figure skater was on the ice at the Winter Olympics on Thursday looking to qualify for the Olympic figure skating men's short program. According to CNN on Thursday, the athlete is an unlikely competitor from a country without snow. Yet, that doesn't appear to be an issue for Martinez as he took to the ice just as confident as the other competitors.

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While some figure skaters have professional coaching and travel from event to event to participate, other athletes don’t have all that much. Michael Christian Martinez is first figure skater ever to represent the Philippines and he’s seen an incredible amount of hardship on the journey to the Olympics. One of his biggest challenges was getting the funding needed to be coached. Apparently, when it came to finding help he wasn't able to get much. His Olympic performance on the ice is all because of hard work. With only two months of full training because of financial factors, it's obvious he had nothing but Olympic focus to make it to Sochi.

The figure skater put on a pair of skates at the young age of 8 years old and found his path in life. While the star might not qualify in the eyes of the Olympic competition, the fans in the Philippines are excited for his journey. And the world will see him in the future.

It is the amazing stories of the Olympic athletes that remind the viewers just how hard the competitors must work to fulfill their Olympic dreams. Nobody has it easy when wanting to be in the Olympics and for some athletes that means never giving up! Perhaps that is why the Olympic spirit is so inspiring!

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Michael Christian Martinez. He looks good on the Olympic ice.