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Michael Brown: Thug or gentle giant?

Michael Brown shown committing strong-arm robbery moments before being shot
Ferguson Police Department; Provided to media

The family of slain Ferguson, Missouri man Michael Brown are speaking out against footage showing him committing strong-arm robbery. This Sunday news report shares that the man's loved ones feel that police released the footage just to make him look bad. Members of Brown's family also expressed that this was done to "justify what the cop did." Some people may be judging their opinions of this case on the robbery footage, but the fact remains that he supposedly attacked and tried to disarm Officer Darren Wilson the day he was fatally shot. Yet his loved ones want to convey that he was a "gentle giant" who was a kind person.

"People say he was 6-foot-4 and weight 300 pounds. To me he wasn't that big. To people he's big and scary," said Michael Brown's uncle Chris Ewigs.

The family members refer to Brown as their "beloved gentle giant," and deny that he was the same kind of person that was shown of him in the viral footage that was released by police. However, this security evidence shows -- point blank -- that Michael Brown was anything but a gentle giant. Instead, he was a bully who used his size and intimidating build to commit strong-arm robbery. After that, he reportedly attacked a police officer and attempted to disarm him. While the media and the public work themselves in a tizzy over the racial implications in this case, it seems that nobody is being honest with themselves -- or others -- enough to admit that any police officer, anywhere, would have shot any suspect for doing the same thing that Brown is alleged to had done. It doesn't matter what color he was, and it doesn't matter what police department it was or the community in which it took place. If a violent perpetrator is assaulting an officer and tries to disarm him of a loaded police-issued weapon, then the officer is well within his rights to use lethal means to protect both himself and the community. If Officer Wilson's version of events are factual, and if Brown would have been successful in disarming him, then would the headlines in the media be about an overgrown thug overpowering a police officer to kill him with his own gun?

Now children are getting involved in protests in Ferguson, which seems odd since the streets of the St. Louis suburb have fluctuated from peaceful to violent to peaceful again at the drop of a dime. Meanwhile, Darren Wilson is still silent and in hiding. No photos of his injuries have been made public, but it's been confirmed that he did suffer injuries in the event that left Michael Brown dead.

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