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Michael Brown, Looting and the Ferguson Police Department

Ferguson War Zone
Ferguson War Zone
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Imagine the word “allegedly” shoehorned into most sentences in this essay.

A police officer shot and killed a young man in cold blood for uncertain reasons. If death were the consequence of walking in the street in lieu of the sidewalk, I would have died in childhood.

Like any other accused murderer, Darren Wilson, the shooter in question, deserves a trial of his peers in this community. Because the parents of Michael Brown and their neighbors, could and should serve as jurors.

As for the Chief of the Ferguson Police Department, just stop talking. And releasing possible unrelated and questionable videos. And lying. And stalling.

By the way, kudos to Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Police. His interaction with the community was intelligent, compassionate and reasoned. And effective. The performance of the conservative Democratic Governor of Missouri has not been as impressive. He, the Governor, had been mentioned as a possible Presidential contender or someone to serve in a future administration.


Forget Jay Nixon- no relation to you know who. His leadership skills as the Chief Executive of this state are sadly lacking. The police chief is simply a clown.

The tactics of law enforcement after an 18-year-old boy- yes still a child- was killed further incensed the community.

Cops showed up lisping the N word and making the Israeli army look like summer time joggers. Imagine the world outrage if Jewish soldiers went into Gaza with tear gas. Also, it was not a police officer that was killed. But a young boy, on the cusp of his manhood, about to start college.

Michael Brown, may he rest in peace, had no gang affiliations or arrests.

To slander this murdered young man in the press by releasing videos of the robbery of some cigars is a disgrace. It is a verbal lynching. It is no trial and no jury. And there isn't any evidence thus far, that the allegation is true.

When people are angry, and in a group, things happen. The long simmering rage of the black community inre their relationship with justice and law enforcement in this country is understandable. Please read about unfair arrests, beatings, confrontations and sentencing ratios that happen to people of color. And prior to that, actual lynchings.

All in all, the crowd acted very responsibly. And Michael Brown’s parents, in their sorrow, were both heroic and sensible. They showed true concern for the entire community.

Yes, there was some looting. And that hurt some small businesses. The community of Afro Americans has not been served by our country.

And frankly, it is better to loot a few stores in anger, than calmly loot pension accounts, calmly and deliberately, for decades.

But we digress. Now the cop who killed must be put on trial. Like anyone else.

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