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Michael Brown autopsy: Autopsy speaks to Brown's hands being up, Brown shot 6 Xs

Michael Brown’s autopsy results were released, and the information appears to confirm what tens of thousands of residents of Ferguson, Missouri, have been protesting about for over a week – the 18-year-old’s arms were likely up in the air when he was gunned down by a white cop, identified late last week as Darren Wilson.

The autopsy also confirmed that Brown had no defensive wounds indicating any struggle with police, and coupled with the fact that the medical examiner said he was shot six times – twice in the head – Brown’s family is moving forward with charges.

Writes The Associated Press on Aug. 18: “Forensic pathologist Shawn Parcells, who assisted former New York City chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden during the private autopsy, said a bullet graze wound on Brown's right arm could have occurred in several ways. He said the teen may have had his back to the shooter, or he could have been facing the shooter with his hands above his head or in a defensive position.”

Parcells was quick to say that although his findings may suggest that the unarmed teen had his hands raised, the findings are not conclusive.

“We don't know,” Parcells said. “We still have to look at the other (elements) of this investigation before we start piecing things together.”

Writes the AP report:

Baden said one of the bullets entered the top of Brown's skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when he suffered that fatal injury. The pathologists said Brown, who also was shot four times in the right arm, could have survived the other bullet wounds.

Baden also said there was no gun-power residue on Brown's body, indicating he was not shot at close range. However, Baden said he did not have access to Brown's clothing, and that it was possible the residue could be on the clothing.

Family attorney Benjamin Crump said Brown had an abrasion on his cheek from where he fell to the ground after being shot, but “otherwise no evidence of a struggle” was found on his body or clothing.

Fox News is also reporting that a person familiar with the county investigation told The Washington Post that Brown had marijuana in his system the night he was shot.

Weeklong riots and protests have punctuated the largely black community of Ferguson.

CNN however is telling a completely different story, reporting that “the officer who killed Michael Brown says the teenager rushed at him full speed in the moments before the shooting, according to an account phoned into a St. Louis radio station and confirmed as accurate by a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation.”

According to the account, Wilson pulled up near Brown, who was with 22-year-old Dorian Johnson, and advised the pair not to walk in the street. Wilson also noticed that Brown was carrying a box of cigars, allegedly stolen by Brown at a nearby convenience store. After the pair refused to comply, Wilson attempted to exit his police vehicle, but Brown shoved him back inside, punching the officer in the face. A struggle ensued, and Brown attempted to grab Wilson’s sidearm, which went off once inside of the car.

A brief pursuit then ensued, and after Wilson ordered Brown to stop, he turned, taunted Wilson and then charged, causing Wilson to fire multiple times.

Protests have caused a curfew to be enacted. Nightly rioting has resulted in at least two more shootings and dozens of arrests.

“Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard ... in restoring peace and order to this community,” Gov. Jay Nixon said in a statement today.

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