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Michael B. Jordan Mentors Budding Filmmakers At CinemaCon

Michael B. Jordan at CinemaCon
Michael B. Jordan at CinemaCon
Bryan Steffy: Getty Images

For the past decade Michael B. Jordan has become a household name thanks to roles in hit shows like The Wire and Friday Night Lights as well as his starring role in the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station, but his latest role as a mentor to up-and-coming filmmakers for Sprite Films at CinemaCon might be his most rewarding yet.

In a recent interview with, Jordan spoke about the value of helping first time filmmakers reach their full potential.

"I think the Sprite filmmakers program is amazing. Honestly I'm really digging the next generation, and for me personally I feel like my film career has been made off of first time film directors," said Jordan also adding that, "To be able to give back and offer some insight, or help them avoid an obstacle they may have run into or make their vision a little more clear, I'm all for that. and I feel like this is the perfect platform for it."

Jordan, who is preparing to play "The Human Torch" in The Fantastic Four 2, also spoke on why hands-on experience is so important when it comes to film.

"I come from on the job experience and I feel like for these filmmakers the best thing they can do is continue to work," noted Jordan. "You give 'em an opportunity, you give 'em a budget, you give them a subject and you allow them to work. I think that's the best education you can give somebody," he added.

In addition to offering words of advice, the Hardball actor also admitted to being a difficult person to impress when it comes to film.

"I'm a tough critic, but I got a chance to see all their shorts and they were good," Jordan admitted. "Honestly shorts are hard, you only have a limited time to get your vision across and then for me I'm [asking myself] did I get it? Did I receive that message? Did they convey what they were trying to do? so I'm looking forward to talking with the other judges and figuring out a winner. It might be one of my biggest challenges yet!"

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