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Michael Adam Hamilton shooting straight with starring role in '10 Year Plan'

Michael Adam Hamilton stars as Brody in the feature film '10 Year Plan.'
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No one can ever say Michael Adam Hamilton doesn't believe in his work. The actor can currently be seen in the romantic comedy 10 Year Plan, which just happens to be about two men who fall in love, and he's fine if anyone has a concern with that. When asked if he'd be okay with playing the role of Brody, "I said if God forbid you're right and it does become an issue, I do intend to take it up with anyone who wants to," he told us when we connected with him recently to discuss the movie and the career of this hard-working, fearless actor.

"This actually happens to be one of the films I'm most proud of," Michael continued. "There's not a lot that I would change. There's a scene in the movie that when you read the script the first time, you might not picture them being pivotal plot turns, [but] when rehearsing with Jack Turner, my co-star, this tiny little scene turned into more than it should be.

There's a scene where I come over to his house; he's having dinner with this guy he's started seeing and I'm missing him. So I come over to find him and he's busy. There's a realization that I might have lost my window," he explained. "And it had way more of an impact on me and other people than I thought it would. Jack and I both were just really on page and into what was going on in the story."

Michael also gets to share the screen with one of our friends, Teri Reeves (Chicago Fire, Battleground), who has a supporting role in the film as Diane, a co-worker of Brody's best friend, Myles. "Our characters have a fun banter," he told us. "There's kind of a little bit of competitiveness between us. We're very similar; she's like a female version of myself."

He called the experience of shooting 10 Year Plan "amazing. We shot the whole movie in twelve days; I was shooting about ten pages a day. It was complete immersion. I had one half-day off, basically, in the process."

Yet that didn't stop him from digging into his alter ego; in fact, the conditions might have actually helped that process. "I got Brody more than I ever have another character," he added. "I still got to feel like I just knew him, I really knew him, and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was a low-budget movie. It was non-stop."

"Honestly, I do dislike most romantic comedies," he admitted, "and that's not because they're 'chick flicks' or because they usually feature a leading male dude who's getting with some girl he otherwise wouldn't get with. They oftentimes establish circumstances way outside of reality.

"I think what I realized in the process of making this, it can be a lot of fun and it can be really good if they are reality-based and not just, 'Oh, this would be a funny situation, let's put that in there.' I think a lot of the TV shows that are popular now, the family-based comedies, they're really funny and people love them because they're based in reality."

You might also have seen Adam in the great little film Mr. Sophistication, starring The Blacklist's Harry Lennix as a stand-up comic whose life spins out of control. "He was ridiculously cool," Adam enthused. "I was like the Ryan Seacrest-type character. At the peak of it all, he's performing at the huge club that I emcee. And his agent was Robert Patrick."

"I would say that you could check me out in a lot of the TV I've done," he continued. "I did a pretty fun episode of Desperate Housewives; I did a fun episode of The War at Home. If you want to see something ridiculous, I did this web series Pink Slip for a couple of years. That's worth laughing at.

"I do have a movie coming out, it's called Baby Steps. It's a feature film about an interracial gay couple that decide they want to have a baby together," he added. "I have a series I'm developing that I expect to come out in January, which is called The Well-Rounded Man. It's about two best friends who are complete opposites."

Therein lies what's admirable about Michael: he doesn't care what form the material takes as long as it's a good story. He doesn't worry about what other people might say about a role he plays, or if one part requires one thing and the next is something totally different. What drives him is doing the best work he can possibly do, and that's what it should really be about.

Since 10 Year Plan is a relationship movie, we asked Michael to give us his best dating advice. "It's life advice and it's dating advice in one," he told us. "Whatever the situation is, evolve to it. Instead of trying to control everything. If you try and set the plan and set the course, you are guaranteed to fail almost every single time, in my experience.

"But if you say to yourself, just be open - that doesn't mean sit back on your ass - but if you're just open to any situation or any person, not trying to control it, not trying to protect yourself all the time, that's when the best things happen."

For more with Michael, be sure to follow him on Twitter (@TheMichaelH).

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