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Michael Abraham to write a book about his experiences with Farrah and Sophia

'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham's father Michael Abraham.
Farrah Abraham/Twitter

Michael Abraham is the latest "Teen Mom" star to announce plans to release a book about his life.

Following in the footsteps of his daughter, Farrah Abraham, and "Teen Mom 2" star Kail Lowry, Abraham will soon release a book about the ups and downs of his life as a father of a teenage mother.

“It’s about being a grandfather and a parent to Farrah and [her daughter] Sophia,” Abraham revealed to Celebuzz on March 18. “It’s about our struggles and our blessings. It will address some of our hardships, being on a reality TV show and the real hard facts from the last year.”

The book will also discuss several things that haven't been seen on "Teen Mom," including Farrah's sex tape negotiations and how Abraham handled them. According to Abraham, the company made it look like he was making the deal alongside with his daughter but that was not the case.

Abraham even addresses the claims his daughter made against him and his ex-wife, Debra Danielson, in which she alleged that she was abused both physically and verbally.

“I think I disciplined my daughter once and Farrah and I talked about it after filming,” Abraham explained. “I did not abuse her and any discipline was just and fair. I don’t think Farrah would let me care for Sophia as I’ve done if I had done anything out of line."

Abraham plans to release his book later this year.

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