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Miami University Hamilton Branch

There are many incidents that have been reported from both the Miami University campus in Oxford and here in Hamilton. The Miami University Hamilton Branch has had many witnesses report that several areas of the campus are haunted but some activity that has happened has been centralized around the Mosler Hall. Some have reported smelling a sulfur like smell long after classes have finished up on the fourth floor. It's not on any other floor, just the fourth floor. One particular incident happened on the fourth floor involving an individual who had the only key to a really heavy door. This individual remembers locking the door and it being shut and moved something to the other side of the floor when they returned a few minutes later the door was wide open and still locked. Legend has it that back when the contractor wired the building he ended up dying in the theater of a heart attack. He is known to still make his presence known by playing with the lights by flickering them on and off.

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