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Miami Sees Record Breaking Numbers in Travel in 2013

Warm weather, warm beaches, hot sun and lots of fun. The City that never rests, and one thing that is for sure in Miami, tourism never rests. Despite the economic downfall in Europe and the shortage of Venezuelan tourists, Miami still sees rising numbers in tourists coming into our dynamic city.

Miami 2020 with $10Bil

Brazil was second to Venezuela in purchasing from Miami in 2012, it seems that thanks to the economic hiccups in Venezuela, Brazil may now be Miami's top purchasing agent. According to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau, 2013 was a record-breaking year for Miami, "14.2 million overnight visitors came to Miami in 2013 (overall international visitors). This was an increase of 2.2% since 2012." says Caroline Foster, of the GMCVB.

Miami's growing investments on skyline property, along with the Miami 2020 Plan which allocates approximately $10Bil. in new development to Miami's skyline by 2020 makes Miami the most exciting and fastest growing city this past decade.

Therefore, next time you're pondering where you should visit next, we invite you - come to Miami, spend the night on the beaches and watch the sunset from your room, as you sip on cool southern ice tea and listen to acoustic music and drum beats playing from a nearby beach party.

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