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Miami schools in Seattle

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In the shadow of Mt. Rainer the City of Oz has been inundated by over 3,000 meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, and climatologists. Amidst all this the bustle Weatherfest, an event for children in Seattle to engage with weather related arts and crafts and scientific experimentation and meet their favorite TV meteorologist. Although over 3,300 miles from Miami the city is well represented.

Not only is the University of Miami Atmospheric Science Club, the local student chapter of the American Meteorological Society, in attendance, but a local HS teacher and UM alumni of both the undergraduate, and graduate programs are in attendance through a program called the Maury Project. Rita Kaplan a '77 Masters in Education graduate was helping some budding artists explore science through coloring. The children she had at her booth were so engaged in the projects she had them working on; the children were oblivious to the hundreds of screaming and frolicking kids behind them. Her charges were engaged and learning.

Although over 3,300 miles from Miami the city is well represented.

The students from University of Miami are in Seattle to network with fellow meteorology students from other student chapters of the AMS, and to start making connections with graduate schools and the private sector job market. An amazing array of government employment options are also available to explore. It is an opportunity that doesn’t present itself often meteorology, or many other science based jobs. The University of Miami students are making the most of it and networking with professional at all levels of the scientific community as well as academia.

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