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Miami's gospel soul group Sensere conquers with 'Love'

Sensere came on the scene with a new, but old school, sound with their debut album "Soul of Future Worship Vol. 1" released in 2012. The ensemble of guys, from Miami, infuse Soul music and Gospel music to create their sound. Vocally and musically, this group has congealed bringing their style of Gospel soul music to the masses positioning themselves to release a brand new single entitled "Love." James Wright, founding member of the group, expounds on the group's new single "Love" in an interview Monday, Aug. 18.

Miami's gospel soul group Sensere conquers with 'Love' [photo courtesy of Sensere/Wright Sound Entertainment Inc.; used with permission]
Sensere, Love, Wright Sound Entertainment Inc

Typically love is most often thought of as the romantic type of love known as Eros. The euphoria of butterflies in the pit of the stomach, the feeling of walking on "cloud 9", and that person always being top of mind are just some of the traits. Spiritual love or selfless love that is true or authentic, also known as Agape, is used interchangeably with the creator, God.

James Wright reflects on the violence that has happened recently in Ferguson, MO., and the many other accounts that have taken place throughout world. The outcry against police brutality and the destruction within the inner-cities have reached an all time high. What the world is crying out for is love. Love that is displayed in the choice for God to send His son, Christ Jesus,to die for the sins of the world (John 3:16). What type of love could this possibly be? It's only the love of God. "Judgement and holding people, telling them they're going to hell because they've done wrong. That's not all that's in the Bible," expresses James.

"[Love] is a song that everybody's gonna be able to sing. Whether you're saved or not. And it's not where we've sugar coated our message. We actually didn't. We talk about God. We didn't take that out at all," James clarifies. In the Bible, God proclaimed through Jeremiah that the remnant of Israel would have rest and restoration, "...saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee." (Jeremiah 31:3 KJV)

Sensere's new single, "Love", from their forthcoming sophomore project, "Soul of Future Worship Vol. 2", due out the first quarter of 2015, is apart of a catalog of songs that tackle everyday issues of life. There have been leaks of a couple of the other songs from the project titled "Not Hopeless" and "Hard Times". The new album will be released off of James' independent record label, Wright Sound Entertainment Inc. For now, purchase the new single "Love" on iTunes, which is available as of Tuesday, Aug. 19. Visit the group's website and social media sites for updates.

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