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Miami's forecast for Thanksgiving week

As a stationary front was located over the "Magic City", expect this evening to remain party cloudy a with a low near the mid to upper 60's. The current state of the temperature is at 79 F where the heat index states that it feels like if it was 81 F. Furthermore with winds up to 11 mph and heading northward, tonight is expected to remain a rather comfortable night.

Tomorrow expect mostly sunny weather and a great afternoon as the temperatures will reach up to the lower 80's. During the evening it will take a nice dip once again just as we are experiencing tonight around the lower 70's, except that few clouds will allow to view the moon as soon it will become a full moon.

Overall tonight's weather will lead us towards the next week with great South Florida weather. Thanksgiving approaches us and expect decent warm weather through the afternoons, while the lows in the lower 70's create a nice evening to spend with the family throughout the holidays.




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