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Miami quarterback Ryan Williams undergoes successful knee surgery

Miami quarterbacl Ryan Williams underwent successful knee surgery on Wednesday to repair torn ACL.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Just days after tearing his ACL in a scrimmage last Friday, Miami quarterback Ryan Williams underwent successful surgery Wednesday at a UM Hospital. Williams, who was expected to be the team’s starter this season, had a 90-minute procedure done on his right knee to repair the damage.

His parents, Jayne and Rich Williams, told the Sun-Sentinel that the procedure went well and there was only slight damage to his meniscus, which will heal on its own. Jayne Williams also told the Miami Herald “the surgery could not have gone better. His patellar tendon was so long that they were able to take out a small part in the middle of his patella to replace his ACL,” she said. “They said his kneecap will be absolutely fine.”

“I met with [Dr. Lee Kaplan] before the surgery this morning and then first thing when he was finished. He was really excited for the less damage to the meniscus and cartilage that might have been a concern,” Rich Williams told the Sun-Sentinel. “We were all relieved at that. There may have been minute [damage] when he went down, but it was not a high-impact area nor did it need to be dealt with at this time. It was a beautiful report and they said it couldn't have gone better on the removal of the severed ACL and the replacement.”

Williams will spend the night in the hospital but plans to return to Miami’s training room to start rehabbing as soon as possible. He appears to be optimistic and even told his family that he wants to travel with the Hurricanes when they play Nebraska in Lincoln on September 20.

“The doctor said it can be four to six months, but he also said looking at Ryan and his strength and how his knee looks that it can be quicker,” Jayne Williams told the Sun-Sentinel. “Even in a worst-case scenario at five months, that's a little bit in the season and Ryan says, ‘If they're telling me six months, that would get me around the Nebraska game and I'll be back before then.’”

She also said that Williams is more determined than ever to return to the field as soon as possible to play and has had tons of support from the university, his coaches and teammates.

“That's just been amazing. I can't see another college doing something like that. It's been phenomenal,” Jayne Williams said. “Ryan has so many people behind him. I can't even fathom it. There have been prayer groups praying for him and we're just lucky to have all of this support.”

She also told the Miami Herald, “From the coaches to the trainers to the doctors, UM has taken amazing care of my son. They worked day in and day out to get the swelling down so they could do this surgery.”

Williams’ mother also told both outlets that UM will reach out to the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Adrian Peterson to learn about his rehabilitation process after he tore his ACL and MCL in 2011. Peterson won the NFL MVP award the following season.

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