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Miami Maintains It's Rep as Most Skin Conscious Metropolitan

Miami New times magazine.
Miami New times magazine.

If you have ever visit Miami, you certainly have to take notice of the sense of style the area exudes in it's diverse local population.  Style as far as fashion and clothing is one thing, but style goes much deeper - some would say "skin deep."  The Miami area has been recognized as a place to get top quality plastic surgery, but it's also growing as an area with a lot to offer as far as cosmetic surgery and skin care treatments

Open up the popular "Miami New Times" and have a glance at the advertisers.  Notice any trends?  Certainly you see the amount of skin care professionals advertising Botox, Restylane, and other types of cosmetic procedures is simply abnormal.  Offices are boasted from Lincoln Road to Aventura, with top quality facilities and celebrity references quite common. 

You can start on South Beach at 8th street and Alton Road, where the Vitality Institute offers it all.  You can meander down to any of the high end hotels on A1A/Collins Avenue and visit a high end spa to get any sort of treatment you ever dreamed of.  Peppermint foot scrub, or an invigorating facial - it's all there. 

Miami has become a hotbed for skin care companies, such as Skin Pro International, Inc, who utilizes a Miami area skin care laboratory to make the popular Elite Eye Serum, a top seller on and a worldwide hit eye cream. 

The sky is the limit, with one thing for certain - if you are serious about skin care, you should visit Miami, there certainly is a lot to offer from it's local companies.