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Miami Made Weekend to Showcase Local Artists

Here & Now: Miami Made Weekend
Here & Now: Miami Made Weekend
Here & Now


  • Cora C 6 years ago

    The Adrienne Arst Center is amazing. I love the architecture, and I like the idea of this convention. Local artists can come and advertise themselves. Its a good way to inform our community about its talented residents.

  • Danielle R. 6 years ago

    The center sounds really cool and I hope to get to see all these amazing art pieces on person one day. I love how everyone can express themselves in so many different ways.

  • Michelle, p.6 6 years ago

    It would be great to see the talented people in our area performing. I hope I can come and see them have the chance to be on stage.

  • ashleym6 6 years ago

    it sounds really great to see talented people perfrom i would really like to see this

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