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Miami Lakes Buddhists celebrate women in February

Miami Lakes District Members gather to celebrate Women's Month
Miami Lakes District Members gather to celebrate Women's Month
Francine Adams

"Buddhism teaches that all things have a unique beauty and mission. Every person has a singular mission, his or her individuality and way of life. That is the natural order of things" (Faith into Action, p. 140).

Each year the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) celebrates women in the month of February. Soka Gakkai stands for Value Creation Society and is a global organization of lay Buddhists which has spread to over 192 countries. The tradition to celebrate Women's Month began on the wings of a poem written by Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhist philosopher, peace builder and educator, who is the SGI president of this global lay Buddhist organization. Ikeda decided to honor the efforts of the Women's Division whom he defined as the backbone of the lay organization for their support of the other divisions including young women, young men, men and elementary school children.

Like all religions there are different Buddhist sects which conduct their practice in various locations and in various methods of practice. The SGI was founded by Nichiren Daishonin in Japan in the 1200s who was the first to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The Nichiren sect has continued to thrive and in the 1950s the Japanese war brides, who came to America with their husbands, brought Nichiren Buddhism to the United States. Typically, the members gather in their homes each month to bond and conduct heart to heart dialogues on personal experiences and to study the Buddhist teachings. There are interests which persons of any age can participate in to be involved, such as chorus for adults and children, band, and other cultural activities to create value.

This year Miami Lakes District celebrated with a theme of the uniqueness of each and every women like every blossom in nature is unique, an idea originated by Daisaku Ikeda. Every women was presented with a small memento, each one received a unique artificial flower. Miami Lakes District is just one of countless local lay Buddhist groups throughout the world. Guests are always welcome to come and learn who Buddhists really are, what Buddhists do. Perhaps there is a Buddhist right next door to you. Curiosity seekers can find a convenient meeting location where they can ask questions and learn more about Nichiren Buddhism. To find a meeting in your area contact:


Miami Community Center

20000 Manatee Isles Dr, Weston, FL 33332

(954) 349-5200


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