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Miami is the new hot reality show destination


The Cast of Miami Social, Premiering July 14th on Bravo.

With it's wild nightlife, beautiful citizens, and year round sunny weather it's no secret that Miami is one of the hottest destinations in U.S. , so it's only natural it would be chosen to be the backdrop for a number of high-profile reality TV shows.

It can be said that Miami is the third largest entertainment mecca within the U.S. fallowing behind only New York and LA. . From the classic Scarface, to the Bad Boys franchise, The Magic City has always been one of the top filming locations for the motion picture industry, even the small screen has gotten a taste of Miami with scripted shows like Miami Vice as well as CSI, but the city has recently come into the limelight for another  entertainment medium, the art form that is known as the realty TV show.

While reality television is not the most respectable entertainment to ever hit the airwaves, it does bring in massive ratings, and has ski-rocketed viewership for a number of cable networks including Bravo TV who has announced they will have a new reality series documenting the high-profile social scene that only Miami can offer.  The show is entitled Miami Social, it will  fallow the lives of seven Miami socialites, including Katrina Campins from the first season of The Apprentice who is now a High Profile Real Estate Agent. The E! Network is also currently filming a spin off to their hit series Keeping up with the Kardashians called Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami which is set to air in August. While you have to wait for those shows to premier you can currently catch Brooke Knows Best on VH1, chronicling the 21 year old singers life as she steps out of the shadow of her wrestler father, making a name for herself while dealing with the tribulations of  her family falling apart and trying to find herself (while living in a penthouse luxury apt on South Beach).

While there is plenty of new programing with Miami as the hot backdrop, we cannot forget about the shows that helped pave the way for Miami to be the reality show paradise that it is today. TLC's Miami Ink was a huge hit for many years, and still draws a large crowd of tourist to it's tattoo shop, all swooning to receive the novelty of a Miami Ink tattoo. We also can't forget VH1's Luke's Parental Advisory which was mostly filmed in the Miami Lakes area documenting the life of reformed X-rated rapper Luke Campbell. Don't  forget to check out all the upcoming shows taking place in our city, with this down economy it never hurts to get free press for any of our locals.