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Miami Hurricanes realized to pass at the wrong time

Miami Hurricanes freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When Brad Kaaya was selected as the starting quarterback for the University of Miami, head coach Al Golden declared to the media that he is not a freshman quarterback but a Miami Hurricane quarterback. Well he treated him like a freshman on Monday's 33-13 beat down by the Louisville Cardinals for the second game in a row.

After the game, Golden admitted he was conservative with Kaaya and should've let him throw the ball more against Louisville.

“I think that’s a fair criticism,” he said in Tuesday’s local beat writer conference call. “We probably could have or should have opened it up a little bit more for him just based on where he is as a player in his mind.”

Very convenient for him to say that now, considering that the next game on the Miami schedule is against FCS sucker Florida A&M. And if that's not challenging enough, they get Sun Belt “powerhouse” Arkansas State.

Then they get to show the nation what they learned in a road contest against Nebraska, who has already tasted South Florida blood.

Owls taste good, Canes taste better.

As usual, the Hurricanes have the athletes, but no running back is a good running back when the opposing defense knows what's up and loads the box with the blitz and no wide receiver is a good wide receiver when he has no quarterback throwing the ball to.

Kaaya should've been more free to throw the ball to Phillip Dorsett and forcing the hounds off Duke Johnson at Louisville, rather than now against Florida A&M where he can fool the Miami fans to think they've figured it out. “Oh look! Look how amazing this Hurricane offense looks like now that Kaaya Ocho is called on to throw the ball more often” … against visiting cupcakes.

This is what the Miami Hurricanes have become well since the firing of head coach Larry Coker, a big name program who beats on the weaker teams but gets pulverized by equal or better competition.

At least they're good at beating up on the frauds. They overcame Florida in front of a over capacity crowd last season in Sun Life Stadium, only to find out the Gators were a 5-7 team that year. This current truth will continue to prevail until they go out there and beat someone worth while for the first time since they left the Orange Bowl shared the same stadium and their curse with the NFL's Miami Dolphins.

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