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Miami Heat trade rumors: Caron Butler trade could solve issues for Miami Heat

Caron Butler could become the perfect addition to the Miami Heat this season.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Miami Heat trade rumors about Caron Butler came up Monday night on NBA Gametime (Jan. 27). These Miami Heat trade rumors were discussed by the hosts of the NBATV show as well as the broadcaster for the team. As reported by the Miami Herald early on Tuesday (Jan. 28), the rest that Dwyane Wade has to take during the season has forced the team to adjust its strategy.

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With Chris Bosh and Shane Battier playing extended minutes lately, the team needs to add a wing defender that can help cover some of the minutes at shooting guard and small forward. This is why Butler's name has come to the forefront and with how horribly the Milwaukee Bucks have been playing, he looks to be very available heading toward the NBA trade deadline.

Butler is making $8 million in the final season of his current contract. He originally signed it with the LA Clippers, but the team traded him to the Phoenix Suns and then the Suns traded him to the Bucks this past offseason. It was a salary dump by the Suns and the Bucks only had to give up Viacheslav Kravtsov and Ishmael Smith. Now they could gain something by shuttling him to South Beach.

While these Miami Heat trade rumors seem to only stem from analysts watching the team closely, it might make perfect sense for the team. Caron Butler can help spread the floor on offense and he has the energy to be a key player on the defensive end. If Milwaukee doesn't ask for too much in return, he could add much-needed depth to the Heat roster down the stretch, especially if Wade and Battier have to start sitting out more games for another title run.

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