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Miami Heat trade: Roger Mason sent to Sacramento Kings through intriguing trade

Roger Mason just got traded to the Sacramento Kings.
Roger Mason just got traded to the Sacramento Kings.
Photo by Ben Gabbe

Miami Heat trade rumors led to something on Thursday (Feb. 20). A Heat trade with the Sacramento Kings sends Roger Mason out for a protected second round pick. According to a report from ESPN, this was a roster-clearing move by the team that seemed pretty easy to make before the deadline. Having played in limited minutes this season, it didn't seem like he was filling a need that made him worth keeping for the second half push.

The Kings aren't even expected to keep Mason on the active roster and will receive cash in the deal as well. It is also further hypothesized that he could be released as soon as the deal is approved by the league. It looks like a good-will gesture by the Kings to help this deal go through, because it's hard to see what they gain here.

As for the pick that these Miami Heat trade rumors suggest will come to South Beach, the parameters of the protection seem to indicate that it will never leave the hands of the Sacramento Kings. At the end of the week it will be like this deal never happened, but what it does is clear up a roster spot that the two-time defending NBA champions can then use to sign a free agent in the next week.