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Miami Heat Justin Bieber ban: Team didn't want his "brand" of attention at game

Thursday night the Miami Heat arranged a Justin Bieber ban after his arrest earlier that morning for drag-racing under the influence. Fansided reports Jan. 25 that E! News learned that the embattled young pop star had secured tickets for Thursday night's game between Miami and the LA Lakers, but he could not attend because the whole team did not want him present.

According to the report, Bieber got the tickets just hours after being released from jail. He found out Miami Heat banned him from the game because they did not want what he would "ultimately" bring with him there -- which was a "particular brand of attention that his presence would inevitably attract." In other words, negative press and not what the NBA wants focus on during a sporting event.

Because of the Miami Heat Justin Bieber ban, the 19-year-old sensation had his tickets "pulled last minute" by the NBA team.

It is unclear if the ban was just for Thursday night's game or if it goes for future games as well.

The Miami Heat would be setting a good precedence if they revoke Bieber's presence at all games. It likely will not happen for various reasons. It could potentially be considered discriminating against anyone who has been arrested with a DUI, resisted arrest, or speeding while drunk. That amounts to a lot of people out there.

What do you think of the Miami Heat Justin Bieber ban?

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