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Miami Heat host Thunder Wednesday night

Maybe this match up on Wednesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder will be replayed in June for the Larry O'Brien Trophy. The Heat and the Thunder are near the top of their conferences.

Michael Beasley of the Heat looks on during a foul shot Sunday night against the San Antonio Spurs.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Thunder have the best record in the NBA the day they trek to Miami into the 70s so they're leading the Western Conference. It's not the 1970s and there's no time machine because there was no OKC Thunder then; of course I'm referring to the heat as in the temperature. The blast of Winter hit Oklahoma and it might never, ever hit Miami.

You locals down here know that. Anyway, the Thunder can get some of that humid blast of the tropics and dream on it after they head out of town Wednesday night for Brooklyn for a Friday night game against the Nets.

Russell Westbrook is still out for OKC and has been since late December. He had his knee operated on in December and hasn't returned though some reports have him back before the All Star break. Westbrook has been replaced at point guard by Reggie Jackson and Derek Fisher with Jackson getting 33 minutes/game since Westbrook's injury caused him to be out.

OKC has the best record in the NBA at 36-10 and, of course, they're still hard to underestimate with Kevin Durant on the floor. Reggie Jackson has averaged 13.5 points/game in his last ten games. Westbrook was scoring 21.3 points/game when he was injured.

This match up favors the Heat who've only lost three games at home. With Westbrook in the lineup it would be a toss up. At 6' 3" Russell Westbrook is as tall as Jackson but provided more problems for the Heat defensively.

Jackson is averaging 1.5 steals/game so he is quick.

OKC has won eight in a row coming into Miami Wednesday night including four of those on the road. Last time out Kevin Durant put up 41 points in their two-point win.

The Heat have won three in a row.

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