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Miami Heat 'Big Three' will opt out of contracts, Haslem too

Miami Heat dejected after NBA finals loss
Miami Heat dejected after NBA finals loss
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Miami Heat are planning to look extremely different at the start of the 2014 season. Since their loss to the San Antonio Spurs, three players have announced that they will opt out of their current contract. They also expect Chris Bosh to follow suit.

Lebron James will opt out of current contract.

Lebron James was the first player to leave millions on the table, but it’s not for reasons that many of his supporters believe. There’s no doubt that James wants a max contract deal, and he didn’t opt out only to make the Heat better. Whoever thought he was opting out of his contract to take less money is delusional. Whether it’s with the Heat or anybody else, Lebron James plans to get the maximum contract allowed.

Over the weekend, Udonis Haslem and Dwayne Wade decided to opt out of their contracts as well. It certainly creates flexibility for the Heat to make free agent moves, but was it the right move financially? Wade was scheduled to make $20.1 million next season, now it looks like the big money contracts are over for his career. What is Lebron James jumps ship anyway?

If all goes as planned, Chris Bosh will also opt out of his contract by Monday. However, he has to think long and hard about doing so. Once he does, the question remains if he even wants to stay with the Heat. Bosh has become a one trick pony during his Miami tenure. He’s currently and stand in the corner, or stand on the wing jump shooter for the Heat. That’s definitely not what he envisioned his role would be four years ago.

It’s laughable that the Heat think they need more talent on the roster. For all three players to opt out of the contract with two years remaining doesn’t make any sense. They had six top five draft picks on the team in 2013-14, but they’ll say they didn’t have enough. Three of those players are from one draft.

Honestly, the Heat have some of the corniest ball players to come around in awhile. If Miami has it their way, they’ll get a couple more all stars to add to the roster.

We know Dwayne Wade isn’t leaving, but what if Chris Bosh decides to go elsewhere. Is there a chance he could find a home in Dallas? He’s the only Heat player that has a lot to gain by changing teams. The allure of being the guy on a regular basis should be tough to pass up.

What if Lebron James actually leaves? Would he dare take his talents to the Western Conference? It’s apparent that plenty of James’ success has come due to the fact that he’s played his entire career in the weaker East. It's hard to envision a change from that approach.

The NBA free agency period starts on July 1.


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