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Miami Fashion Week 2014: Carpe Diem by Andres Sarda

Miami Fashion Week 2014: Carpe Diem by Andres Sarda
Miami Fashion Week 2014: Carpe Diem by Andres Sarda
Humberto Vidal/ Courtesy of Miami Fashion Spotlight.Net

This year, Miami Fashion Week shined more than ever spotlighting international designers. Andres Sarda, a famed Spanish brand, brought sexiness to the Miami Beach Convention Center on May 16, 2014 with an exquisite Carpe Diem Collection, in a Vegas-style show that was without a doubt the hottest show of this fashion week.

Miami Fashion Week 2014: Carpe Diem by Andres Sarda
Frank Diaz/ Miami Fashion Spotlight

Nuria Sarda, creative director of the brand and daughter of Andres Sarda, opened the backstage doors for our Miami Celebrity Fashion Examiner, Lissette Rondon in an exclusive interview where they talked about the “Carpe Diem Collection,” Miami Fashion Week experience, keys to success and more.

LR- How do you feel in our city of Miami?
"Great. The truth is that I love it, it’s totally different and super-cosmopolitan and also has the side of living life, which I love,” added Sarda.

LR- Tell us a bit about the show tonight
“We have called our fashion presentation ‘Carpe Diem’ which means enjoy the moment! Because we must learn to savor every moment in life, even when we are working. Life is all about how you approach it,” said Sarda. “We envisioned our show in Vegas (divided it into two parts) - the first part, we place the woman like she is going out to dinner. The palette of colors will be pink, purple, green and blue with details in crystals of Swarovski, feathers and fringes. Then comes the Disco moment, in black and gold with crystals of Swarovski too…that explosion that took the collection to the fullest of enjoying the moment!"

"The fabrics are made ​​by the finest European artisans. Lace, Chantilly, Swiss embroidery, elastic silks from France; fabric companies that are more than 150 years. The laces they made are unique, practically pieces of art.”

LR- What do you consider key to a successful show?
"It is very important for us the feeling of the models. When they are doing the fitting I always ask them ‘do you like it?’ We want our models to feel great with what they are wearing-- 50% of success on the runway depends on the way the models feel on the catwalk,” added Sarda, smiling.

LR- What did you like best of Miami Fashion Week?
“Everything! I will remember everything. This is the first fashion show we do in the United States-- the organization has given us confidence and everything has been well organized and the attention has been so nice, and the warmth of the city."

LR- When and where will your next presentation be?
"In Marbella in June. A Luxury Weekend in Puerto Banus in Spain with great international audience, then ‘Madrid Fashion Week’ in September,” added Sarda.

LR- Could you define your collection with just 3 words?
"Elegant, innovative and flattering,” said Sarda.

LR- What advice would you give to emerging designers?
“Designers are informed very well about what is happening in the fashion industry, it is very important for our evolution (without following trends or websites). But you have to create something new, bring something different,” added Sarda. “It is very important to cultivate a style, because that's what makes people recognize your own design or piece without looking at the label.”

Images by Frank Diaz & Humberto Vidal/ Courtesy of MiamiFashionSpotlight.Net

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