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Miami Dolphin's Jason Taylor to meet with New York Jets

Jason Taylor during the 2009 season.
Jason Taylor during the 2009 season.

Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor , an unrestricted free agent, is meeting with the New York Jets on the advice of his agent Gary Wichard.

According to Wichard, Jets coach Rex Ryan started courting Taylor after the Jets released kicker Jay Feeley to the Arizona Cardinals. As a Top 4 team the Jets had to lose a player to free agency before being able to acquire someone else through free agency.

The Jets will take Taylor to the Meadowlands where his highlights of his career will play in the stadiums megascreen. 

The Jets want to sign Taylor to help in their pass rush which had only ten sacks from the outside linebacker position last year. In his 13 year career Taylor has 127.5 sacks.

Taylor is unlikely to sign a contract with the Jets during his visit.

Taylor gave up 9 million dollars last year to come back from Washington to Miami and play before the Dolphins fans again.

Aside from the the Jets, other AFC East rivals like the Patriots. Just last year Taylor was quoted as saying the Jets fans lacked class in comparison to Giants fans.

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  • FBjunkie 5 years ago

    If he wants to win a super bowl next year hell sign with the Jets, they are poised to make a run and have more going for them than most other teams right now. As soon as he is a Jet, hell even the score and talk trash on Miami fans, because he has class ; )

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