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Domestic violence and Miami Dolphin's Chad Johnson

Just in time for the NFL Season, domestic violence comes out and rears its ugly head. That ugly head has a name and that name belongs to Chad Johnson, the football star previously known as Chad Ochocinco. An argument ensued with his new bride, Evelyn Lozada Saturday night, which resulted in a head butt to her head. A condom receipt sparked this fire, which evidently came as a surprise to his new bride. While filming their blossoming relationship and engagement on an episode of “Basketball Wives” they had come to an agreement that their marriage was to be an open one, so long as she consented to his choice of women. The condom receipt was affirmation that the consent was not mutual.

Or perhaps a pretty little someone had a change of mind about the marital arrangement. Naïveté abounds in celebrity circles because of the egos involved. In actuality, it doesn’t even matter if Ms. Lozada caused the sky to fall down upon this man he was not to lay his hands on her, or in this case, his forehead into her forehead.

The head butt caused a three-inch gash on her forehead that forced her to get treated at the local hospital, so if a gash was indeed the result, stitches more than likely followed. This woman makes her living off of her appearance; her body as well as her face. This domestic violence episode will more than likely mar her career, if not solely Chad’s career.

The Dolphins receiver was released on a $2,500 bond the day after the incident. Adam Swickle, who is Chad Johnson’s attorney, has declared that a “no-contact” order has been issued. This is normal protocol after an assault such as this one. Chad would do well to heed this order.

When the police confronted Johnson, and he confirmed an argument had taken place, as usual in domestic violence cases, he put the blame squarely on his wife, claiming it was she who head-butted him.

Police often look at both parties to see if there are cuts or bruises between the two, but it was also noted that Johnson had no visible cuts or marks on his body. The officers did their job with their interviews as well as their own observations, and decided to charge Johnson with simple domestic violence.

Mr. Johnson has been released from his contract with the Miami Dolphins, along with the cancellation of his reality television show. If he is convicted of this simple domestic violence assault, he could spend one long year in jail contemplating his fate, a $1,000 fine (a minor dent in his large wallet), some probation involving anger management classes or community service. We can only hope that he gets what he deserves.


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