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Miami Cosplayers can make a new skirt in ten easy steps.

Here's the finished skirt created in 10 easy steps
Photo by Joleen Koehly

With Florida Supercon in just a few short weeks learn to make a simple patternless costume skirt in ten easy steps that is suitable as the basis for many fun costumes. This skirt shouldn't take more than a few hours, at most, to complete.

Step One: You begin by measuring from your natural waist to the length you want for your skirt add four inches to this total and cut two panels that length.

Step Two: Next measure your hips at the widest point.

You now have two panels that are the length you want your finished skirt plus four inches more - 2 inches for the waistband casing and 2 inches for the hem.

Step Three: Then make sure your panels are the width of your hips dived by two then times 1.5 or times 2 depending on how full you want your skirt.

So to make this easy, say your hips are 40" across. Divide 40 by 2 you get twenty. Times twenty by 1.5 and each panel should be 30 inches across. If you want a fuller skirt you would make each panel 40 inches wide. Since the skirt is already so full we are not going to add additional seam allowance. So the finished skirt will actually be 59 or 79 inches across, since we will take a half each seam allowance on each side of the skirt. If you want a skirt that is medium full times the width by 1.75 instead of 1.5 or 2, and if you want it even less full times by 1.25.

Step Four: Zig-zag over all raw edges so they don’t fray and unravel as you work.

Step Five: Next face the two right sides of the panels together and pin one half inch from the edge. Sew two straight seams on either side.

Step Six: Now turn your waistband one half inch over and press.

Step Seven: Then fold over an inch so that the casing is on the wrong side of the skirt. Stitch that seam. Remember to leave an end open to insert your elastic.

Step Eight: Measure your waist and cut a length of waistband elastic just slightly smaller than your waist, too tight and the skirt will be too snug and won't fit over your head and shoulders, too loose and it will fall down. Using the safety-pin method thread the elastic through the casing. Be sure not to lose the end in the skirt or it’ll be extra work to retrieve and start again. Make sure you sew the ends of the elastic together securely so it doesn't come apart with wear. Close the opening you left to thread the elastic.

Step Nine: Next we’ll make our hem. Remember we left two inches at the bottom beyond how long we wanted the skirt. So fold one inch towards the wrong side and press this down, then to make this really easy just fold over another inch so that you have a clean finished hem that won’t fray.

Step Ten: Now sew the hem. You have a finished skirt!

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