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Miami City Ballet Event Exclusively for Singles

Yann Trividic and Mary Carmen Catoya in “THE QUICK-STEP: Unspeakable Jazz Must Go!” from The Neighborhood Ballroom.  Photo © Mark Elias.
Yann Trividic and Mary Carmen Catoya in “THE QUICK-STEP: Unspeakable Jazz Must Go!” from The Neighborhood Ballroom. Photo © Mark Elias.


  • vanessa vargas period:6 6 years ago

    your right the main component is trust!! And i love your article because its inspiring because your telling us that if your trying to find the right partner it can be excausting but you have to remain optimistic.And your also right because lifting and balances are like a marriage,your probobly wondering ''wat does a six grader know about marriage'' but the truth is i know alot about it because well... i dont really know

  • vanessa vargas period:6 6 years ago

    hey its me again and i just wanted to tell you that i dont look for any specific goal either,i just look for something i love doing.

  • vanessa vargas period:6 6 years ago

    im so happy for villella because he was happily married for 30 years.And is the director of the miami city ballet school, when i grow up i want to be happy just like her i even might start a dance class but even though im not a good dancer and im shy i wont stop trying :)

  • Mary F4 6 years ago

    stage romancing is exactly what i would call this. this is actually not a bad way to meet people beleive it or not dance between two people can say alot about the type of person somebody is! i like this i hope it goes well!

  • Mayah Mc. 6 years ago

    I agree! They do have to have confidence on holding eachother on stage. Also yes it is true you need to trust your dancing partner! That is all you need!

  • lila coleman period6 6 years ago

    i love this article
    its so encouraging
    if your single and a dancer.
    i love the part when you say its excausting but you still
    have to stick with it bascilly.

  • giovannazambrano period:5 6 years ago

    You have to trust your partner when you are dancing if you dont trust them what is partnership in dance??? i know Edward Villella and what he says he means it, he has done an excellent job in miami city ballet and is a great man. inside dance you can find a lot of romance and can meet new people and find a great partner to be by your side.

  • Valeria P.6 6 years ago

    you do have to trust your partner in dancing. Otherwise you could think he/she might do something wrong, and if you perform in public you might get nervous and then something actually may happen. If you dont think you can trust your partner try finding another one that you can trust.

  • Michelle, p.6 6 years ago

    Trust does seem important in most things. In dancing it seems even more so in order to have a beautiful dance.

  • Ibel G. 6 years ago

    Trust is such an important element in partner dancing. Partner dancing is a beautiful expresion of dance which shows the bond between two people. I had wondered, what does a single person looking for a dance partner do? Well, this event, The Art of Partnering Singles Event, is so great. Finally there is a solution!

  • Mercedes 6 years ago

    I also believe that trust is important in dancing, especially with a partner. I hope that the event is succesful so that it becomes annual.

  • Karo 6 years ago

    Wonderful article!!

  • stephanie menendez p.6 6 years ago

    i do agree with this article! You can have fun with your partner and at the same time you spend more time together! great article!! :)

  • Alexsandra, P.6 6 years ago

    I agree too that one partner must have complete confidence in handling the other. And in dancing is important because if the other partner doesn't trust him/her the dance won't go so great, but if they both trust each other and have confidence it's like the both of you are one.Thanks I liked this article too.

  • Leah F. = PERIOD 6 6 years ago

    The main component in a healthy relationship is trust. Without a doubt being able to confide in your partner is key to having a long and stress free marriage, just like the marriage of Villella (director of Miami City Ballet School). Being able to enjoy a night as well as contribute to Miami City Ballet is great and you never know, you might find your future partner. (;

  • sendy:-) 6 years ago

    I think the dance was very classy and beautiful.And it was nice to see a dance like this.

  • Lian. per.6 6 years ago

    I agree completely with this article,you have to trust your partner.Your performace won't be as good as you want it to be by the cause of not wanting to dance with your partner,you have to be comfortable in letting you partner take control once in awhile like letting them hold you through a grand jete.I mean who would want to jump into the arms of other that they don't have confidence in.

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