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Miami Buddhists await first in distinguished speaker series


Dr. Jeffrey Boutwell, 1995 Nobel Peace Prize

Miami Buddhists are gearing up for what will be the first in a series of renowned, distinguished speakers to be a presenting for the general public  at SGI-USA Buddhist Culture Center, 3417 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington,DC .  Dr. Jeffrey Boutwell has spoken in international conferences on science and world affairs. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Boutwell is an expert on such matters as 'preventing deadly conflict' and has extensively addressed matters of nuclear armament, international security and ethics.  This promises to be a landmark event in the ongoing quest for world peace and nuclear disarmament.  Miami Buddhists, in support of this event, are prepping for this event with dialogue and discussions at their local meeting .

For more info: On the Distinguished Speaker Series contact SGI-USA.  To participate on the local level contact SGI in Miami.