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Miami Beach celebrates its 99th birthday

Miami Beach, Collins & 24th, circa 1999
Miami Beach, Collins & 24th, circa 1999
Ikam Acosta

Happy Birthday, Miami Beach! Today, Miami Beach turns 99 years old.

The island was basically a mangrove swamp until the mangroves were cleared to make way for coconut trees. The city of Miami Beach was later incorporated in March 26, 1915 by some real estate developers who had a bigger vision for it.

Being one of the hottest (literally and figuratively) vacationing hot spots in the United States, Miami Beach sees over 700,000 visitors each year. The city offers various types of accommodations, from hostels to five star hotels, as well as a plethora of restaurants, nigh clubs, and stores for tourists to visit. It is also host to a variety of events, including the Winter Music Conference going on right now.

If you're the outdoorsy-type, you can rent a jet ski, go parasailing, or just hang out on the sand, year-round. You really can't beat Miami weather if you're feeling like going somewhere tropical. Walk around its gorgeous art deco district or take a bike ride around town and soak up all the beautiful sites. If you're a city resident, you can celebrate Miami Beach's 99th birthday by reacquainting yourself with its unique and exciting beauty.

How are you celebrating Miami Beach's 99th birthday?