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Miami-Based Fashion App to Revolutionize Personal Style

As the interactive fashion world continues to grow exponentially, a new Miami-based social media platform has been empowering every-day individuals to display their personal style through mobile and web based media. Partnering with key influential leaders in the fashion community has enabled the brand to showcase innovative features such as geotagging which allows users to view different trends all over the world on a live digital map.


Its photo-sharing platform lets fashion savvy or everyday people share their favorite looks with user growth of over 150% per month. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it's only appropriate that users are also given the ability to share outfits that they like on every social media outlet possible. Along with the new launch of Fashom's mobile app, the brand is working on product recognition to process and compare other products in their database. Therefore, business users can easily look for consumer behavior and target marketing through direct feeds.

Mitali Saxena, founder of Fashom, expresses her driving inspiration behind this innovative app,

"Friends very often commented on my photos, specifically about what I was wearing," she says. She began to notice a correlation with the follow-up questions that proceeded. "They would all want to know the same thing, which was how much did my outfit cost and where did I purchase it from." For more information about Fashom or to download the app, visit and search for it in the App store.