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MIA to LA: Barton G

Photos from dinner at Barton G.
Photos from dinner at Barton G.
Charles Ryan

For anyone who's gone out for a nice dinner in Miami - the name Barton G is well-known. It's so much more than food. It's whimsy. It's glamour. It's Miami. It's like Scarface, Cirque du Soleil, and the Cordon Bleu had a baby.

Barton G.
Charles Ryan

Barton G. opened about a month ago in the space that formerly held Rose on La Cienega. It's loud, it's boisterous, it's exactly what it should be. The main dining room is a cacophony of noise that might lead to some shouting but everything about this place is so animated that you'll find yourself not caring about the noise level. The decor is what a Miami hotspot in LA would look like and it's surprising this wasn't done sooner.

It won't take you long to realize that Barton G. is not your average dining experience. Typically you walk in, sit down, have a drink, have some food, have a coffee, and leave. All that happens at Barton G. but your drink is freezing cold because of liquid nitrogen, your lobster pop tarts came in a real toaster, there's forks the size of people, and cotton candy wigs on Marie Antoinette lookalikes. If Alice in Wonderland was a dining experience - it would be like Barton G.

Examiner (and Barton G. Miami patron) Charles Ryan went shortly after its opening to try out the Los Angeles location.


If with a small group - sit at the table beneath the flowers. This is definitely the most unique space in the main dining room (as well as being the look at me, look at me spot.)

As it's Barton G. having a few cocktails is a must. Their presentation alone is a reason to get them (and they are quite expensive hitting the $20 mark.) Beyond their look however, and more importantly, they are heavy-handed.

Lobster Pop Tarts are an ABSOLUTE MUST. Your expectations of pop tarts will change.

Crispy Voodoo Shrimp Rolls are delicious. Decadent. Just the way things should be at a place like this.

More lobster - but as a main with the Lobster Apicius. It comes in a helmet - because you, sir, deserve it.

Short ribs - always a good choice.

Get every dessert you can possibly fit in your stomach after your meal. Each has a presentation so unique that they beg to be ordered. All of them.

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