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Mia Robertson surgery update; ‘Duck Dynasty’ cast supports child before hospital

The Duck Dynasty finale is going to have plenty of crazy family antics as the clan gets together for an epic reunion for the show. Grabbing a tissue before the show starts viewers find out the the reason everyone is getting together is a big deal. Mia Robertson is getting surgery for her cleft palate and her cleft lip. The young daughter of Jase and Missy Robertson wants to have a family party before she goes into the hospital for the procedure and the family is happy to oblige. According to the official Facebook page of the Duck Dynasty show, everyone from cousins to in-laws show up to support Mia Robertson.

On Monday night A&E shared a sneak peek of the episode and fans are going to be glued to this young girls fearless attitude. In fact she doesn't look scared at all. Entertainment Wise reported that the reason she wasn't concerned was that she had her mom, dad and God with her during the surgery.

So how is Mia Robertson now? Well the child has had the surgery and recovered fairly well. Since getting home she has been on a liquid diet, but her mom has made her all types of soups to enjoy. The youngster seems to be healing up well and she is even back in school.

Mia Robertson seems to be one strong young lady. Willing to share her journey with the cameras, Mia’s parents are obviously brave too. Hoping that their story will help other families, there is plenty of good that could come from sharing, but it also leaves them vulnerable to rude folks. Let’s hope the fans of Duck Dynasty squash any rude comments as soon as they see them online!

Duck Dynasty finale is an hour long and can be seen on Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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