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Mia Robertson’s surgery preparation; ‘Duck Dynasty’ finale is family reunion

Mia Robertson, Missy and Jase Roberson’s daughter, is a brave little girl. The fans of “Duck Dynasty” will be readying for the cleft palate surgery the child is expected to have (it is her fifth surgery.) The “Duck Dynasty” season finale is on Wednesday and the viewers will have a front row seat of the family reunion planned before Mia goes for surgery. This “Duck Dynasty” spoiler offers details about the upcoming episode so fans who don’t’ want to know should look away.

According to A&E’s official Duck Dynasty page on Monday, the Robertson family is planning a big family reunion and with Uncle Si and the rest of the gang, people should expect the unexpected.

“When the Robertsons have a family reunion, expect the unexpected. Tune in this Wednesday for the ONE HOUR season finale!” writes Duck Dynasty on their official Facebook page on Monday.

While the tone is lighthearted, there is a reason that everyone is getting together.Talking about the reunion on Wednesday morning during CNN, Willie Robertson shared it was a strong reminder of family and the Robertson’s always come together in the time of need. The finale from last season gives a hint of how special the family bonding is, take a look in the video clip above. This year's family reunion will have some special events that surpass an exotic vacation and surfing the waves.

Mia might be scheduled to have surgery to fix her cleft palate on the show, but the star has already had the surgery and is back in school doing very well! Watching how much love and support is found within the family, the viewers get to see why being a Robertson family member is treasured.

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