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MIA pizzeria - North Tonawanda


          MIA Pizzeria chicken wings - the best in town


MIA Pizzeria, 151 Division St., North Tonawanda
(716) 743-1100
Is it Mia or M.I.A.? You'll have to call and ask yourself when you order. Just over the bridge from Tonawanda into North Tonawanda, you'll find MIA Pizzeria.
A tiny, unassuming restaurant, one would never guess they have the best chicken wings in a town full of "the best" chicken wings.
Forget the Anchor Bar wings, forget Duffs wings, order MIA Pizza's Chiavetta's wings or Bowery wings just once and you'll be hooked!
Chiavetta wings are first deep fried, and then tossed in Chiavetta's barbecue marinade, a tangy vinegar-based sauce that has become a staple to the Western New Yorker diet. After the toss in Chiavetta's, they are grilled and then tossed in Chiavetta's wing sauce. Vinegary, spicy, sweet and delicious, these wings are addictive. Recommendation? Get a double order and share, because a single order isn't quite enough.
Next up are Bowery wings. Bowery wings start out the same as Chiavetta wings, but after coming out of the deep fryer they are tossed in MIA Pizzeria's homemade wing sauce, made with another Western New York staple, Frank's Hot Sauce. Next the wings go on the grill and then are tossed in barbecue sauce. Spicy, sweet, tangy, these are a fantastic twist on the original "Buffalo" wing. Do yourself a favor and order a double order of Bowery wings, because these are just as good cold as they are hot. As any true Buffalonian knows, wings for breakfast on a Saturday morning are a must.

MIA Pizzeria also serves pizza! The crust in uniquely thin and delicious, very different from any other pizza crust around town. They make a variety of different specialty pizzas, and their white pizza is one of the best in the area.

Most business is done on a pick-up or delivery basis. All food is of an excellent quality, and prices are fair and comparable to other pizzerias in the area.

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  • Jenn 5 years ago

    The wings do sound amazing -- and you're right, saying they're the best there means they're the best anywhere!

  • Mikaela Fleisher 5 years ago

    Sounds delicious!

  • Cindi 5 years ago

    Good to know from a hometown girl where the best wings are. Thanks!

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