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Mi Casa Launches for-profit business to support non-profit

With the economy being in the present state it is and the government being in such an explosive state Mi Casa had decided to launch a for-profit side of the organization to help support the non-profit side. It has been no secret that many non-profit organizations have been struggling in the current economy and the state it is in. Many non-profits depend on the for-profit sectors for financial assistance to keep their programs a float.

Mi Casa/TalentSource
Mi Casa/TalentSource

Mi Casa has unveiled their first social enterprise, Mi Casa TalentSource. This social enterprise is a staffing agency which is a full-service agency and will support bilingual and diverse talents as its main focus. The profits from this enterprise will be circulated back through the non-profit sector to help support its programs.

Mi Casa, since it was conceived was dependent on government funding and has had no choice but to develop a way to be self-supporting, as many other non-profits have done, with the lackluster nature of the government aid at present and their unwillingness to downgrade any of the support they are offering.

TalentSource is an agency which is providing a full-service, direct placement and tem-to-hire staffing agency which will provide the Denver Metro area with employees who are wanting to launch new careers with businesses who are willing to hire them so they can not only succeed personally but prove the effectiveness of Mi Casa’s programs and becoming an asset to the business.

Just as Mi Casa offers a hand up to thousands of hardworking people who come through our doors for career training, job search assistance, financial coaching and much more, Mi Casa needs the community’s support to make their goal of financial independence a reality. To raise the final startup funds needed for TalentSource, Mi Casa has launched a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign through Indiegogo.

To learn more about TalentSource or contribute to Mi Casa’s crowd-funding campaign, visit or click here.

For more information on the TalentSource social enterprise initiative click here.

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