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MHz releases more subtitled suspense. . . great stories, greater acting

The cast of Arne Dahl
The cast of Arne Dahl
Author's collection

They are here.
They are great.
They deserve a home in your house.
MHz Home Entertainment, a global media company which specializes in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences, has released new titles in the MHz International Mystery Collection. Subtitled suspense at its best.

Spiral Season 4
In French with English Subtitles
Intentionally monochromatic photography, starkly filmed decomposing corpses, autopsies and intense interrogations set the tone for this gritty, realistic cop show. It's a police thriller that reveals society's ever-changing codes of law: a dark series with constant and increasing tension. Season 4 begins with an investigation by Captain Laure Berthaud into the accidental bombing death of a young left-wing extremist who was active with a group that offered support to illegal immigrants. With her usual zeal for subverting authority, defense lawyer Joséphine Karlsson stands with the immigrants but finds that her anti-establishment choices this time could backfire, big time. Former public prosecutor Pierre Clément agrees to represent the organized crime boss Johnny Jorkal, while Judge Roban discovers that one of his magistrate colleagues has charged a man who had been previously acquitted of charges of serial rape. He's eager to seize an opportunity to publicly denounce the dysfunction of the judiciary, but powerful forces will stop at nothing to silence him.

Arne Dahl
In Swedish with English Subtitles
Rough. Raw. Real. This is the world of Arne Dahhl, whose crime novels have been transposed to the screen in adaptations that follow the dramatic tradition of all best-selling Scandinavian thrillers. This series from the writers and producers of The Martin Beck Series revolves around cases taken on by the 'A' Unit, an elite force of officers recruited after a series of assassinations rocks Stockholm's high society. The detectives have been hand-picked by police commander Jenny Hultin, who intentionally gathers people from different backgrounds with very different strengths. Viggo Norlander could be considered over the hill, Kerstin Holm is the only woman on the unit, Paul Hjelm is on probation for excessive force, Gunnar Nyberg is a strong giant, Jorge Chavez is a multi-lingual genius, and Aarto Söderstedt is a lawyer who used to defend white-collar criminals. They're all flawed, but together they make the perfect team. The crimes they solve are brutal and sometimes horrifying, but always sophisticated, with complex riddles and cunning perpetrators from all levels of society. The cases require specialized input from everyone in the unit. Imagination complements experience and brawn has to be on a level with brains. During the long hours together, they expose their inner truths to each other. This can lead to friction, but also to friendship—and in the case of two of the officers—to more. The cases bring them all into a race against time that they only sometimes win. Realistic and intense, Arne Dahl brings you the darker side of Swedish entertainment.

Unni Lindell: The Cato Isaksen Mysteries-Set 1
In Norwegian with English Subtitles
In this series based on the popular crime novels by prolific Norwegian author Unni Lindell, middle-aged detective Cato Isaksen (Reidar Sørensen) performs superbly at work while his personal life, on a good day, resembles barely-managed chaos. Careening between significant others and keeping up with three young sons by two different mothers, Cato tries his best to do right by all the players. It’'s a tug between family obligations and his all-consuming job as a homicide detective for the city of Oslo, although a few of his challenges at work are self-created. His abrasive manner and single-minded determination put him in conflict with superiors who seem more interested in meeting budgets than in solving crimes. Cato’s crack team of cops are all used to his quirks: his wisecracking lieutenant Roger Høibakk, the brilliant and intuitive Randi Johansen, and the solid and dependable veteran Asle Tengs. Investigations take him the length and breadth of Oslo: from the magnificent fjords and spectacular mountains surrounding the city, to the darkest backstreets of the Norwegian capital. To get relief from the job, Cato finds solace in time alone with his faithful cat, Marmalade, and grows to cherish the time spent with his children—even if he does keep canceling family vacations on account of work!

The Snake Bearer Cato investigates the death of an Oslo man found stabbed in his apartment. The murder has striking similarities to a previous, unsolved case. When an accomplished composer is stabbed in his home, it looks as if a serial killer is on the loose.
The Dream Catcher A 19-year-old girl is found drowned in Oslo harbor, and someone has been secretly filming the victim's sister and her roommates. Cato learns that his son knew the girls, but he refuses to cooperate with the investigation.
The Mourning Cloak A young mother is found murdered in her home. A few days later her son disappears, and Cato discovers the victim's childhood friend has been missing for over a year. The investigation leads to a body in a swamp and dark childhood secrets.

Unni Lindell: The Cato Isaksen Mysteries-Set 2
In Norwegian with English Subtitles
The series continues with three more episodes, including:

The Night Sister An elderly woman is shot and killed in a peaceful Oslo neighborhood. Cato learns the victim's granddaughter has been missing for months and that she and her boyfriend may have been involved in pagan rituals.
The Orchestra Pit A high-strung violinist makes her debut as concertmaster at the Oslo Opera House, and is brutally killed just hours later. Suspicion initially falls on her ex-husband, but revelations about her personal life redirect the investigation.
The Honey Trap A Lithuanian girl is run down and killed in an industrial area east of Oslo, just days after the disappearance of a neighborhood boy. The driver of a local ice cream truck may provide a link between the two crimes, but he's not talking.

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