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MHz continues bringing quality international television programming to America

Kennedy's Brain . . . a fine cast indeed
Kennedy's Brain . . . a fine cast indeed
Author's collection

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Forgive us for being a tad late with this news, but we want you to know that MHz continues bringing quality international television programming to American audiences. Here are new titles in the MHz International Mystery Collection:

Kennedy's Brain
In German with English subtitles
Based on a novel by best-selling crime author Henning Mankell, this international thriller follows a mother's desperate quest to discover the truth. Globe-trotting archeologist Louise Cantor returns home to Sweden and finds her 27-year-old son Henrik dead in his apartment. The police are ready to write it off as a suicide but as an experienced archeologist, Louise is used to piecing together a full story from incomplete shards of evidence, and is convinced that he was murdered. Reconciling with her ex-husband Aron over the tragedy, the two embark on a dangerous search for answers. In Gothenburg, Louise learns Henrik had been working on an article about a major scandal in Africa. Traveling to Cape Town, Louise and Aron discover Henrik may have been leading a dangerous double life. In Mozambique, Louise meets Henrik's ex-girlfriend and makes contact with a Swedish diplomat who has useful information. Eventually, Louise's harrowing journey takes her to a clinic outside the capital and ultimately brings her face-to-face with her son's killers, who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep their secrets safe from the outside world. Featuring Mikael Nyqvist, Rolf Lassgård and Bjørn Floberg, Kennedy's Brain is an action-packed drama of a mother's unrelenting quest for justice in the name of her son.

Crime Stories
In German with English subtitles.
Older, stoop-shouldered Fredrich Leonhardt is the ultimate defense lawyer: experienced, astute, well-spoken and aggressive when he needs to be. In Crime Stories, the German mini-series based on the popular book of the same name by Ferdinand von Schirach, Leonardt takes on clients with single-minded intent: to defend them within the boundaries of the law. And defend them he does---the gentle wife-killer, the schizophrenic teenager, idiotic gangsters, the womanizing executive, the young Lebanese genius, the anonymous man who killed a little too skillfully while defending himself. Years of casework have taught Leonardt what his job is and what it isn’t. His job is to keep his clients out of prison; it isn’t to judge them or like them or even understand them. As a judge reminds him, he’s known among the prosecutors as being “the brakes on the cart of justice.” It’s something Leonhardt is mostly proud of, because even he has regrets about some of the clients he’s defended. Taken from modern headlines, the cases in Crime Stories offer a frightening window on humanity. Not so much because of the crimes themselves, but because they were committed by relatively normal people who snapped. They’re a chilling reminder that within everyone lays the capacity for abhorrent behavior and atrocious acts.

The Spider
In Danish with English subtitles
Suffering from the shortages and shady business transactions following the Nazi occupation of Denmark, the citizens of Copenhagen are still slogging through the grey zone of the post-war era; the orderly decade of the 1950s hasn’t arrived yet. City gangsters and black marketeers are having the time of their lives--they can lay their hands on anything from extra ration coupons, booze and cigarettes to American cars. Against this backdrop of scheming and fraud, Bjarne Madsen is an idealistic young journalist desperate to provide his readers with some hard evidence of the ongoing corruption. But the newspaper already has a regular crime reporter, the deeply honorable H.C. Vissing, who bases his work on mutual trust with the police. After receiving a tip-off about the scale of organized crime in Copenhagen, Bjarne sees an opportunity to unravel the threads of an extensive criminal spider’s web; his ambitions to report on a Really Big Story have finally become a reality. Vissing and the editor-in-chief, Taulov, think the story is too far-fetched to be legitimate, but Bjarne follows his leads among the crooks and politicians to seek out the truth. In the course of the investigation, he falls for the charms of the captivating diva, Lisbeth Gordon. And as luck would have it, so does his brother, Ole. This immensely popular Danish miniseries stars Lars Mikkelsen and Jakob Cedergren.

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