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MH370 theft suspects: Police says suspects stole from victims of Flight MH370

Flight 370 Search Grids
Flight 370 Search Grids
Flight 370 Search Grids / Wikimedia Commons

Two MH370 theft suspects have been arrested by Malaysian police over their alleged thefts from bank accounts belonging to four missing victims of flight MH370. Two Pakistani nationals -- a bank officer and her husband -- are accused of taking more than $30,000 out of accounts held by deceased Chinese and Malaysian victims. A third suspect is being sought by police as well.

Writes the Huffington Post: “The couple have been held in police custody since Thursday on suspicion of withdrawing 110,643 ringgit ($34,850) from the accounts of two Malaysian and two Chinese MH370 victims, said Zainuddin Ahmad, a district police chief in Kuala Lumpur. Police are also looking for another suspect, a Pakistani man, who is believed to have received – part of the money in his account through an online transfer, he added.”

At large is a Pakistani man, Ali Farran, who police say received a portion of the funds that were illegally acquired by the suspect, said to be a ten-year bank employee with HSBC Bank Malaysia.

"We are still trying to locate this Ali Farran, who last worked as a car mechanic," said Izany Abdul Ghany of the Kuala Lumpur Commercial Crime Investigation Department.

The pair have yet to be charged, investigators said, adding that they can still hold the couple under suspicion of financial crimes.

"We have extended the remand order for the two until Wednesday to facilitate in the investigations," Izany said.

A spokesperson to HSBC's Malaysian branch issued a statement, ensuring that the bank would reimburse any losses.

"HSBC is deeply sorry for this incident and apologizes to the families of our customers for the distress this will cause and assures them there will be no losses on these accounts," the statement said.

Flight 370 has been missing since it disappeared from radar on March 8. The flight, which was carrying 239 passengers and crewmembers, has yet to be located, and thought to be downed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean, west of Australia.

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