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MH370 pilot simulator: Files from flight simulator put pilot as prime suspect

The pilot of Flight MH370 had a flight simulator in his home. Investigators, back in March, also determined that a number of files relating to the simulator’s use had been deleted. Those files have now been recovered, and the news is disturbing – Malaysia Flight 370’s pilot practiced a number of runs deep into the southern Indian Ocean, and even trained for landing the simulated Boeing on short runways.

The information all adds up to one thing in the Malaysia flight’s disappearance, now well over one hundred days – the pilot is the chief suspect.

Reports the Inquisitr: “Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace almost four months ago, and now, after an extensive search costing millions and involving numerous countries has proved fruitless, an official police probe has named the plane’s pilot as the prime suspect in the Flight MH370 mystery.”

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, was piloting the plane and carrying 238 passengers back on March 8 when the aircraft simply disappeared. Despite sightings of so-called debris, pings from the ocean floor and alleged eyewitness accounts, not a single piece of wreckage has been confirmed.

Last week, it was announced that the search for Flight 370 is shifting south, hundreds of miles from where the original crash site in the Indian Ocean was suspected. This new phase of exploration – a setback to the months spent searching – takes search crews deeper south in the Indian Ocean, to an area earmarked for a 23,000 square mile search, and is expected to take up to 12 months to complete.

Missing plane: Setback for missing Flight 370 as search shifts hundreds of miles

While authorities have still not ruled out mechanical problems or an act of terrorism, Capt. Shah is the chief “human suspect” in the plane’s disappearance. All other passengers, co-pilots and crew members have been ruled out.

Here is a 2013 YouTube video of Shah sitting at his home flight simulator.

In addition to recovering the suspiciously deleted files, investigators said that Shah, described as an outgoing individual, made no future plans, either socially or related to work. As a point in contrast, authorities said that co-pilot Fariq Hamid, as well as the rest of the crew, all had made or discussed future plans on social network sites and with their friends and colleagues.

On March 15, the Malaysian government said the Boeing 777 was brought down due to the “deliberate action by someone on the plane.”

Family members deny that Shah had any domestic issues at home however. Yet that is in stark contrast with news outlets that have reported the opposite.

Per the Inquisitr:

While Malaysian police investigators have not ruled out an accidental crash or a terrorist incident in the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777′s disappearance, they are focusing on pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who they describe as “in no state of mind to fly,” following the breakup of his marriage as well as difficulties in his relationship with a woman who was not his wife.

Shah’s wife has since gone into hiding. “She can’t bear to be there right now because there are too much memories. She said she can’t stay there,” said her brother Asuad Khan. “You know someone since childhood. You have been married to that person for 30 years and suddenly he disappears without a trace. How do you feel if that happens? That’s how she is feeling.”

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