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MH370 debris possibly found in Australia: Could missing Malaysia plane be found?

The search for the missing Malaysia plane is still ongoing and now they finally seem to have found a clue. On March 20, RT shared how it appears that debris from the plane may have been found near Australia. This does give some hope that the plan could still be located.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed that satellites did locate debris that could be from the plane. There have been two objects spotted at this time that are being looked into. They are both believed to be from flight MH370. These objects are in the Indian Ocean.

At this time, they are on the way to the site of the debris. They will then see what it is and try to confirm if it is from MH370 and can be used as clues to find the missing Malaysia plane. This flight which was carrying 239 people has still not been located at this time. Hopefully more information will come out tomorrow once they are able to get to the debris and check on it.

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