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'MGSV: The Phantom Pain' forces differing strategies based on night and day

Players will have to plan their strategy around time of day and means of travel
Players will have to plan their strategy around time of day and means of travel
Kojima Productions, Konami

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has always been known for its emphasis on stealth and use of non-lethal tactics. While players have been able to approach situations in different ways with previous games, Metal Gear Solid V marks the series' transition to open-world gameplay, with The Phantom Pain featuring a day and night cycle that players will have to adapt to. We recently had a chance to sit down with series creator and director Hideo Kojima during a roundtable discussion, where he talked about how the game's genre shift will affect players' strategies.

In this specific case, the main game will be over 200 times as big as Ground Zeroes, and within that I want people to think, 'well I'll go here and then what's the strategy? How do I get there? What vehicle do I take?' What vehicle you take, makes a difference [in The Phantom Pain]. You will have to make a different strategy if you go to a location during the day [than if you went at night].

Kojima also talked about the shift to open-world gameplay, stating that he and his team didn't feel the need to copy popular titles like Grand Theft Auto when developing MGSV. Fans can experience a taste of Metal Gear Solid V's new gameplay with Ground Zeroes, though the prologue takes place exclusively at night. It launches for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 18th.

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