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MGFournier Strategy Consulting firm adds Video Conferencing practice area

Add Video and Web Conferencing to your Business Strategy says MGFournier Strategy Consulting firm as it adds new Video Conferencing practice area

Mike Fournier, strategist and founder of MGFournier, a Strategy Consulting firm based in Brandon, FL has announced Monday, February 17th, 2014 that MGFournier has added a new practice area to its portfolio of services. The practice area will be called Video Conferencing. “Most businesses, large or small should have Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing as part of their business strategy!

Businesses should implement these technologies on a corporate, headquarters level! Video Conferencing allows for staff, departmental and management teams within an organization to meet and communicate face-to-face, which can greatly improve morale, teamwork and productivity. This face-to-face communication happens without the need for travel or loss of work hours lost during travel. Travel cost savings are quite obvious, but since video conference participants can remain at or near their home office, there won’t be opportunity cost as at the conclusion of the video conference they can get right back to their daily work, remaining productive to their employer! Video Conferencing is often thought of taking place in conference rooms, however, desktop video conferencing is becoming more of the norm, with powerful applications like Microsoft Lync (also available through Microsoft Office 365, which I highly recommend, Mike Fournier emphasizes! Ciscso WebEx and Adobe Connect are other desktop applications that businesses can use to satisfy desktop video conferencing needs. The beauty of Lync, WebEx and Connect is that they are also Web Conferencing applications, so that participants can not only join by audio and video, but also present content like their desktop, applications they have open and documents they want others participants to see. This makes it possible for face-to-face client meetings all while making business presentations at the convenience, and cost savings, to both your business and clients. These Web Conferencing applications also allow you to record the web conference, so that it can be viewed by others who might not have been able to attend. The saved file could even be made available on your businesses internal intranet (with help from your IT staff), or your client’s intranet (with help from their IT staff).

I will expect businesses to contact MGFournier directly at 813-758-0522, or, says Stategist and Founder Mike Fournier, as they find a need for assistance evaluating their existing business strategies, including video and web conferencing. MGFournier can help businesses implement such technologies into their business strategy if they don't yet exist in their organization.

"This practice area is every bit inline with the 3 primary focus points of our Strategy Consulting practice area (see description of Idea Generation, Strategy Execution, and Strategic Alliance Building) , as video and web conferencing are critical and powerful business strategies independently", Mike Fournier states!

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