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MF Doom and Bishop Nehru will drop NehruvianDOOM Sept. 23, BitTorrent preview

Two generations of New York emcees will interfuse on September 23rd with the release of NehruvianDOOM; a collaboration between cult mainstay MF Doom and eighteen year-old upstart Bishop Nehru.

NehruvianDOOM album cover
MF Doom promo image

MF Doom will helm the production, licensing Nehru the opportunity to showcase his prodigious microphone skills. This continues a trend of Doom putting-others-on. His inordinately vast discography of collaborative albums include LP’s with: Masta Ace, Danger Mouse and Madlib, among others.

As with every album lately, digital-release strategy is playing an integral role in the promotion process. In that regard, the Nehru/Doom tandem appears to be making a power-move on the millennial demographic. Perhaps to compensate for dwindling attention spans, they have already released two singles --“Darkness” and “OM”--. But even more “trill” -- I type shuddering--, is that they've released a preview bundle with the --not-necessarily-used-for-stealing-- BitTorrent protocol.

The torrent bundle --if you don’t know what that is, just ask a “youth”-- includes several mix-tape tracks, along with the music video for the first single “Darkness”.

MF Doom and Bishop Nehru's NehruvianDOOM is slated for release on September 23rd. Courtesy of Lex Records