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Mexico water monster disappeared into extinction?

The so-called Mexico water monster may be extinct because researchers believe the salamander-like axolotl has disappeared from its natural habit in the lakes around Mexico City, according to a Jan. 29 CBS 12 report.

The Mexico water monster is also known as the Mexican walking fish. Researchers believe that this animal is at serious risk for extinction. In at least four months of trying to sample the Mexico water monster, researchers were unable to procure even one sample of the animal, which could indicate that they have already disappeared because their habitat has become too polluted by sewage.

While there are a few in captivity, researchers are unable to find any of these creatures in the wild. Because of this, scientists may be unable to save the Mexican walking fish since the conditions in which members of the group still exist are less than ideal. The species' decline has been rapid. In 1998, there were 6,000 per square kilometer, and by 2008, that number dropped to a measly 100 per square kilometer.

Researchers have also attempted to place shelters for the Mexico water monster in hopes that they will be able to survive in the wild. These areas have clean water, piles of rocks and reeds in them, and could be a place for these creatures to take refuge from the increasingly dirty water in their natural habitat.

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