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Mexico water monster axolotl vanishes from natural habitat

The Mexico water monster has vanished from its natural habitat. Known as the axolotl, its name literally means water monster. That's where the creature gets its unflattering moniker. Although the critter may be on the ugly side, it's hardly a monster. This salamander-like animal is also know by the name Mexican walking fish, which is far less unflattering than water monster.

According to The Guardian, the Mexico water monster has only one known natural habitat, the Xochimilco network of lakes and canals. Unfortunately, researchers who spent four months attempting to locate the vanishing creatures in Xochimilco came up empty handed, and biologist Armando Tovar Garza, of Mexico's National Autonomous University, called the effort "four months of sampling zero axolotls."

Fortunately, the Mexico water monster still inhabits aquariums, water tanks and research labs. Unfortunately, conditions are far from ideal due to risks including interbreeding.

To see what the Mexico water monster looks like, check out the video at the top of the page. The clip is called "10 Animals You Never Knew Existed," and the axolotl is number two on the list. Its nine little known counterparts in the video are the tarsier, tufted deer, tapir, Glaucus atlanticus, gerenuk, lamprey, aye aye, tanuki and sea cucmber; and they range from the adorable to the disgusting (we're talking about you, lamprey).

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