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Mexico prison stormed

Guerrero, Mexico
Guerrero, Mexico

A Mexican prison was stormed in Iguala, Guerrero on Friday. The prison was the scene of deadly gunfire in which six men disguised themselves as police officers and entered the facility in a stolen pickup truck while pretending to transfer an inmate, according to a WebProNews report on Friday.

Reportedly, after midnight, a guard was fooled into believing that the armed men were delivering an inmate to the prison in the town of Iguala.

Upon entering the facility, the criminals began a fight with some of the inmates and the with some guards in a security tower. Army troops were called upon for assistance. In the gunfire exchange, five of the assailants and four of the prison’s inmates were killed. Additionally, one of the assailants was injured and a prison guard - who was hospitalized - received a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Local authorities think a Mexican gang administered the attack. It is somewhat common for gangs to enter prisons to free their fellow-gang members or to enter prisons to kill members of rival gangs.

Guerrero is a state in Mexico which is located in Southwestern Mexico. It has a reputation for having a great deal of crime via gang incidents.