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Mexico prison stormed: 6 gunmen posed as police fool guard, 9 killed in shootout

Mexico prison stormed
Mexico prison stormed
Google Maps, The Nation, Tina Burgess

The Mexico prison stormed by six gunmen dressed as police and pretending to deliver a new inmate ended with the death of nine people. The prison that was stormed in Iguala, Mexico, is only about 130 miles northeast of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero. According to a Jan. 4, 2014, AFP report, Guerrero “has become the deadliest state in Mexico, with 2,310 murders in 2012 and 1,916 in the first 11 months of 2013 amid deadly turf battles between drug gangs.”

Friday’s storm of the Iguala prison reflects the increase of crime in Mexico. A recent report by the National Human Rights Commission states that violence has increased in Mexico inside and outside of prison. “More than 239,000 people are housed in Mexican prisons, exceeding capacity by 45,000 inmates.”

According to prosecutors, Friday’s Mexico prison storm began when six gunmen, posing as public officials, were able to enter the prison “by fooling a guard into thinking they were delivering an inmate some time after midnight. Once in the prison, the armed group started a confrontation against inmates and later against guards in a security tower.”

During the violent shootout between the six gunmen, other inmates, and guards, five of the gunmen and four inmates ended up dead. The sixth gunmen and a prison guard were wounded. Police report that the gunmen had arrived at the prison in a stolen truck and were armed with heavy-caliber weapons.

“One of the dead inmates was a convicted cocaine dealer, another was a kidnapper and the two others were imprisoned for carrying illegal weapons. Three were in their 20s and one was 41 years old.”

By morning, soldiers, federal, and state police were able to regain control of the prison and established a perimeter fence to prevent the escape of inmates.

According to local media reports, the Mexico prison storm “was believed to be related to revenge, given that three days ago a rival group murdered an inmate inside the facility.”

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