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Mexico earthquake strikes with 7.2 magnitude

Guerrero, Mexico, where an earthquake struck on April 18, 2014
Guerrero, Mexico, where an earthquake struck on April 18, 2014

A Mexico earthquake struck on Friday morning. While the powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake’s force was felt throughout Mexico, there was reportedly no damage, according to an NBC News report on Friday. Many buildings shook throughout the country, however.

Specifically, the quake struck just east of Petatlan, Mexico in the southwestern state of Guerrero. This location is north of Acapulco which is a popular resort city in Mexico. The quake struck at 9:28 a.m. local time which equates to Central Time. The United States Geological Survey first said that the earthquake had registered at a 7.5-magnitude but was revised to read a 7.2-magnitude sometime later in the day, according to Yahoo! News.

The earthquake was mostly felt by having shaken central and southern Mexico. Mexico City, with its world’s-largest population, felt the earthquake’s shake for at least 30 seconds in Mexico City. People ran from high-rise buildings as buildings swayed. However, the verification regarding no injuries from the earthquake came from Mexico’s national coordinator of civil protection – Luis Felipe Puente. Via a Twitter social media message, Puente said that there were no reports of damages from the earthquake. Another message came from Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong stating that earthquake protocols were underway.

By hitting on Good Friday in Mexico, many people were not at work as most businesses close on the religious holiday in the country. In Mexico, Good Friday is a strict day of prayer. The holy day is widely observed due to the nation’s extremely high percentage of Christians in the country.

Friday’s Mexico earthquake turned out to be much less-damaging than two years ago when a similar earthquake struck. In 2012, a 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck the same region of the country. In that incident, 2 persons were killed and some 30,000 homes were destroyed. Looking back to 1985, there was an 8.1 magnitude quake that killed more than 6,000 people and destroyed many buildings in Mexico City. The center of that deadly temblor was located 250 miles away on the Pacific Coast.